Lifestyle Tours Episode 4

Authentic, genuine…you’re about to see on the spot conversations with real estate professionals in the area; specifically, at their open houses. Welcome to our very own Carmel Valley, San Diego community “Lifestyle Tours!” This video is the first of many episodes where I, as a community contributor, visit Realtors during our weekly Carmel Valley, San Diego caravan. The intent of this series to: 1) introduce our viewers to our local Realtors 2) inform our viewers about the local real estate 3) share with our viewers the wonderful lifestyle of our community. One of the great reason to watch these videos is that the Realtors don’t even know I’m coming. This is intentional because I want it to be 100% real.

Special thanks to:
1) Norma Walter from Prudential CA Realty at
2) Janet McMahon and Rhonda Hebert from RealLiving Lifestyles at
3) Robyn Raskind from Prudential CA Realty at
4) Hannelore Strauss from Masterpiece Realty at

This is the one of many weekly Lifestyle Tours I will be putting on to showcase Carmel Valley homes in a new and innovative manner and showcasing its lifestyle feature for that week!


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