Lifestyle Tours Episode 1


Authentic, genuine…you’re about to see on the spot conversations with real estate professionals in the area; specifically, at their open houses. Welcome to our very own Carmel Valley, San Diego community “Lifestyle Tours!” This video is the first of many episodes where I, as a community contributor, visit Realtors during our weekly Carmel Valley, San Diego caravan. The intent of this series to: 1) introduce our viewers to our local Realtors 2) inform our viewers about the local real estate 3) share with our viewers the wonderful lifestyle of our community. One of the great reason to watch these videos is that the Realtors don’t even know I’m coming. This is intentional because I want it to be 100% real.

That being said, I thought one of the best ways I can bring you information regarding the real estate market and the local experts that help guide you through a real estate transaction, would be to take you through the journey I call, “Lifestyle Tours.”  On a weekly basis, I visit all the listings on that weeks caravan.  Now, a caravan is something that local Realtors and Real Estate Professionals have organized to help spread the news regarding the listings of all those invovled.  Basically, each professional that has a listing (i.e. selling someone’s house in your neighborhood), will hold an open house for 3-4 hours on a designate day to allow all the other professionals in the area to “checkout” the property.  This is a great time for the Real Estate Professionals in the area to network and see if together they can match buyers and sellers.  I’m a big believer that this is a great thing because this increases the likelihood of your property being sold or of you getting into your dream home.

So how do the “Lifestyle Tours” help you?  Well, each week I will go visit all the listings and record the Realtor talking about his or her property’s “Lifestyle Feature of the Week.”  If you’re eye-ing a certain property, stay tuned to find out what  features are highlighted to see if the property is truly a match.  Additionally, you will have an opportunity to meet (via video) a few of the local experts in the area to help guide you in choosing a professional to help you in your home-hunting endeavors.  Feel free to contact me or any of them at any time for additional help.  Wishing you the best!

Special thanks to:
1)Ryan Dalzell of Prudential CA Realty
2)Joseph Sampson of Sampson CA Realty
3)Hami Raafat of Sampson CA Realty
4)Debbie Bulkeley of Prudential CA Realty
5)Rose Wolkins of Keller Williams
6)Alex Aguilar of Aguilar Real Estate
7)Magaret Ann Mc Intosh of Prudential CA Realty
8)Amy Green of Coastal Premier Properties
9)Valerie Pekar Assistant to shawn Hethcock and Shawn Rodger of Willis Allen and
10)Lisa Orlansky of Coldwell Banker
11)Monica Sylverster of Willis Allen

This is the first of many weekly Lifestyle Tours I will be putting on to showcase Carmel Valley homes in a new and innovative manner and showcasing its lifestyle feature for that week!


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