Five Great Ways To Look Great, Feel Great, and Age Gracefully

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Amy Mewborn | Elle MacPherson | 2I happened to be sitting in Barnes and Noble and saw the cover of Fitness Magazine, with Elle MacPherson on the cover – WOW!!!

At 48 years old, I think she looks better than she ever has!  In reading the article, I was so impressed by her attitude toward her life and what keeps her in shape.  Obviously it is discipline and hard work, but she also had a couple of great principles for success – and I added a few of my own:

Be Active!  She said that she does at least one hour of physical activity a day – whether it be yoga, spinning, or running with her ipod.

Concentrate on how you feel rather than how you look!  You can be super thin, but not in shape at all.  In the same vein, you can be a 200 pound marathon runner who is very fit.  It is not about your weight or your size.  How do you feel?  Do you feel healthy?  Can you go about your daily routine without feeling run down?  Do you feel strong?

This KEEPS coming out in all of my reading – Do What You’re Passionate About!  Stop putting all your time and attention into things that don’t motivate you!  Break that routine.  Find something you love.  Even if you can’t do it for a career – Start doing it as frequently as possible.  You never know – maybe a financial reward will present itself, allowing you to make a REAL change!

Embrace your age.  I think this was my favorite.  As women, our bodies change.  As 40, they often aren’t the same as when we were 20!  Many times, they are better!  In your 40’s, your body certainly takes more work.  We don’t just wake up and put on that pair of 26 Guess Jeans (or today Joe’s, Citizens, or Sevens).  We have to WORK for those jeans!!!  But there starts to come a self acceptance that we never had in our 20’s!

Find Your Motivation.  I am loving Pinterest and all the motivating posters and sayings!  One of my absolute favorites is “Wow, I Really Regret That Workout – No One Ever!”  We may have a hard time getting excited to go do the workout – but 10 minutes in – the endorphins have kicked in, and we are thrilled that we did it!

So, make the commitment to yourself – Start doing things for yourself!  Start making your health – both physical and mental a priority.  Start finding the things that turn you on, versus doing things only because you “should”.   The holidays are a time that it is really easy to get off track.  Just do your best, and try to make yourself, your family, and your health a priority.

Original Article from Fitness Magazine,

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Amy Mewborn | Community ContributorOriginally from the Midwest, Amy moved to San Diego in 2001. A graduate of Valparaiso University, Amy had been a Financial Advisor since 1997. When Amy began taking Pilates in 2006, she fell in love with the method and benefits of the program and knew she wanted to help others achieve their fitness goals. She studied under Stephanie Aubachon with Kore Pilates in La Jolla to become a Pilates instructor. When Amy found Xtend Barre, she was excited by the results as her body became more toned than through any other workout routine she had tried in the past. It was at that time that she decided to bring this amazing workout to the women of San Diego.  She opened Xtend Barre Carlsbad in 2010 and Xtend Barre Carmel Valley in 2011.  She is also a Certified Sports Nutritionist, and is passionate about helping women live happier, healthier lives through better diet, nutrition, fitness, and community.


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