Fueling the Innate Love for Learning

FasTracKids is a multi-day preschool and camp program designed to prepare children for the future.  Established in 2007, FasTracKids was located at the Torrey Hills Shopping Center in Carmel Valley until it moved in 2010 to its current location on Mango Drive in Del Mar, CA.  FasTracKids caters to children between the ages of 3 and 6, incorporating age-appropriate teaching through hands-on activities, music programs, an interactive SmartBoard, and books.  Please continue reading below…

What makes FasTracKids so different from other preschools and children’s programs?  Well, FasTracKids strongly focuses on helping children to become better thinkers and communicators.  They do this by videotaping presentations given by their students, having group and individual activities, teaching enriching subjects like economics and natural sciences, and sticking to small class sizes.  Class sizes at FasTracKids usually range between 14 and 16 children per day, with 3 staff on hand.  This is to ensure the children are getting the right amount of attention and customized learning and guidance.

As mentioned earlier, a SmartBoard is used for learning in the classroom.  The SmartBoard is an interactive computer screen, similar (but much much larger) than an iPad, and assists the children in learning different subjects.  Unlike projection screens, the SmartBoard allows the students to circle, drag, and draw with their fingers, which makes hands on learning fun for the kids.

Independent research supports, that children attending FasTracKids develop 150% to 200% faster than their peers.  These results are due to the mission statement and goals that FasTracKids’ staff live by.

Mission Statement: Reinforce children’s innate love of learning and help them develop their potential.

Goals: Develop creative thinking and problem solving, build communication and speaking skills, reinforce the application and transfer of knowledge, promote leadership and personal growth, and finally, encourage a lifelong love of learning.

The Fas TracKids website is full of additional information that is helpful for parents, future parents, or individuals interested in the program.  The website is www.sdenrichmentplace.com.  Be sure to check out upcoming dates and events at the local FasTracKids location!



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