Luxury Cinema Worth the Cost?

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Luxury Cinema a Fit for Carmel Valley Families?

There’s this really cool theater in the Carmel Valley San Diego community, specifically in the Del Mar Highland center, and it’s called the Cinepolis Luxury Theater.

It just opened on July the twenty-second and ever since it’s gotten people asking questions; Are we getting our moneys worth? How different is it than an ordinary theater? How much does it cost? Does it really serve the needs of the Carmel Valley community?

Well, you aren’t only paying for the theater but also for a full-service bar and restaurant, that’s probably why it’s been selling out almost every night since it’s opening. So if you plan to go you should probably buy your tickets ahead of time, even if you do live in Carmel Valley.

The difference between Cinepolis and a normal theater is that, first, the seats are leather and paired in twos (how does this address the needs of families with children?).  Second, there’s food and drinks. Thirdly, there’s a tray and service button for each pair, in addition to the bar and restaurant.

Unfortunately there’s a catch. There’s always a catch, huh? The catch is that it’s around five to nine dollars higher priced than a regular theater, but, there haven’t been any complaints so far.


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  1. Great post Emelie! You are right although the theater is beautiful, it does not really do any favors for families!

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