One Paseo Supporters Form Main Street Ambassadors

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | One Paseo | Main Street AmbassadorsOn the corner of Del Mar Heights Road and El Camino Real, sits the potential location for the proposed One Paseo development.   The mixed-use project, like all developments, has created strong opinions by both its supporters and opponents.

Last month, the City of San Diego released the proposed projects Draft Environmental Impact Report.  The Environmental Impact Report, is a required document under the state’s California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), that is meant to provide the community with a clear picture as to the type of impact the development will have on its surrounding environment.  Community stakeholders now have 60 days, from March 29, 2012, to provide input and comments .

In more recent news, a newly organized group of One Paseo supporters, have come together to show their support in a bigger way, by forming the Main Street Ambassadors.  The Main Street Ambassadors, is composed of local residents, businesses, service clubs and other individuals who feel that the proposed project would not only benefit the community, but also provide some much needed enhancements to it as well.

Main Street Ambassadors support the proposed development project because they feel that it will provide the following enhancements:

  1. A Place for the Community to Gather
    • a family-friendly place that will include new retail, office and residential space, and lots of parking
  2. New and Permanent Jobs
    • 1,700 new and permanent jobs with an additional 4,000 in construction jobs
  3. Create New Local Revenue
    • estimated to generate $755m for the region, including revenue for schools and property taxes
  4. Traffic Improvements
    • implementation of adaptive traffic control systems
  5. Designed with the Environment in Mind
    • walkable design, on-site recycling, energy efficient lighting and landscaping

Regardless of whether you are in support of or against the proposed project, the fact still remains that something will be built on the corner of Del Mar Heights Road and El Camino Real.  And unless you get involved – whether it be through attending meetings, reading up on the facts about the project and reaching out to the appropriate parties, or writing to the Carmel Valley Community Planning Board – your voice and input can not be heard.

For more information about public hearings and/or meetings about the proposed One Paseo project, contact Renee Mezo at 619.446.5001.  And for more information about the project, please visit and the City of San Diego website at


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5 Responses to One Paseo Supporters Form Main Street Ambassadors

  1. Thank you for the information on the One Paseo project. Could you please provide a link to the new community group’s website, as well as to the DEIR documents? This would help people learn about the project. Also, it would be nice if you could mention the “What Price Main Street” group, who’s goal is not to stop all development in Carmel Valley, but to ensure that future development is consistent with Carmel Valley’s community character and within the traffic and infrastructure capacity available. That is, we’re hoping for a smaller project that better fits in with the existing community.

  2. I’m curious to know if the reporter actually checked out the group ” Main Street Ambassadors” to see who’s behind this effort. I doubt it given that the article is basically just reposting verbatim the info from the way-to-slick looking “Main Street Ambassadors” website. Are they really “a group of Carmel Valley residents”? Looks like a PR firm’s attempt at a jedi-mind trick…

  3. Thanks for the article, but it would be helpful to the community if the reporter could actually confirm the existence of “local residents, businesses, service clubs and other individuals” comprising the “Ambassadors of Main Street” group. The splash screen for their website looks suspiciously professional; it looks very much like something created by the Kilroy PR firm. So far all positive publicity has been planted by Kilroy, at least that I’ve seen. Multibillion dollar businesses like Kilroy can afford nice websites and even community online “newsletters” like this one. I hope that Carmel Valley Life makes some attempt to separate editorial from advertising, and certainly hope that we will soon see an article about the opposition’s truly grassroots site, “What Price Main Street” here (, as well as why many of us oppose One Paseo. I’m happy to put together a nicely bulleted list like the one above for you.

  4. Hey David, thanks for supporting the Carmel Valley community. Here’s another view on the One Paseo development, thanks to Carmel Valley resident who runs his own video production company:

    And here’s a link to a petition opposing the One Paseo project since its simply too big for Carmel Valley.

    We want Kilroy to build something great on that vacant lot, but they need to keep it 1-3 stories tall and within the current zoning for 510,000 sq feet, rather than the 2,000,000 sq feet monstrosity they’ve proposed. Our roads can’t handle the 27,000 cars that would bring each day, and as a resident for over 10 years, I don’t want to sit in traffic gridlock due to One Paseo, neither do my neighbors!

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