Meet the Team

858Teen Mentors

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Martie Meyer

Martie Meyer is The Carmel Valley Life’s 858Teen Founder & Director.  She is a Carmel Valley resident, mother to a wonderful family, former Art Director for a National Magazine, and a former radio personality. Additionally, she has published and designed several books.  In the past, she mentored teens with the San Diego Children’s Coalition and is now bringing her expertise and experience to The Carmel Valley Life.  Martie Meyer, and a group of local Carmel Valley San Diego parents, are spearheading our mentoring program for our young editors.  Martie and her team are responsible for being accessible to the teens should they need any help fulfilling their duties as “858Teen Editors.”


Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Richard Mino | Del Mar Financial Planners

Rich Mino, a financial advisor with Del Mar Financial Partners, Inc., works closely with families and small businesses in the Carmel Valley area. He is passionate about making a difference in his community through financial literacy programs, and focuses on building strong relationships with all of his clients so that he can be a resource to them where needed most. An active member of the Del Mar Kiwanis, Rich supports his Carmel Valley community through local service projects, and by sponsoring the Builders Club and Key Club leadership programs at Carmel Valley Middle and Torrey Pines High Schools. In 2012, he is working to implement a financial literacy educational program to help prepare and educate kids with the challenges that they will face as they begin and graduate from college. He is a registered representative of Securian Financial Services, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC. Securities dealer and registered investment advisor. Del Mar Financial Partners, Inc. is independently owned and operated. 12526 High Bluff Drive, Suite 280, San Diego, CA 92130. 438300 DOFU 01/2012


Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Tami Walsh | 858Teen Empowerment Coordinator

Tami Walsh, M.A. is President of the San Diego based teen and family empowerment company, Teen Wisdom™ Inc. Tami started the first life coaching company for teen girls in the U.S.A. and is committed to impacting millions of girls worldwide with the message, “because knowing and honoring yourself is true wisdom.”  Tami has appeared on several local and national radio and television stations including: KUSI, San Diego 6, TLC, Fox and NBC.  Currently Tami can be seen in the feature film, “The Compass” with other world renowned speakers and authors including Joe Vitale and Brian Tracy. Tami is a graduate of UCLA and received her Master’s Degree from Loyola Marymount University.


Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Santiago Benito | Junior Creative DirectorName: Santiago Benito

School: Canyon Crest Academy

Dream: Santiago hopes to one day become a documentary film director and producer.  He also hopes to write and make Hollywood films.

Interests:  He enjoys reading almost as much as he enjoys writing; my favorite book is The Life of Pi by Yann Martel.  Santiago have had an interest in the art of cinema ever since he could remember.  From an early age, Santiago has been mesmerized by the beauty of the lines said and the actors on the big screen.  While many kids have a hard time trying to figure out what they want to do after they get out of school, Santiago knew right off the bat that he wanted to be involved in the world of cinema somehow.  Aside from that, he enjoys playing basketball and spending time with family and friends.  In addition, Santiago is very interested in being involved in things much larger than himself.  For example, he is a part of many non-profit organizations whose goals are to help people and communities all over the world (i.e. Japan, Africa, and the Untied States).

Journey: He was born in San Diego on August 14, 1998 and has had a wonderful life growing up in the Carmel Valley area.


Carmel Valley San Diego Community | 858 Teen Contributor | Tyler Chase

Name: Tyler Chase

School: Torrey Pines High School

Bio: Tyler was born and raised in Carmel Valley and loves making short films and skateboard videos on his free time.  Tyler has been making all types of films since his parents got him his first camera when he was 5.  Not only does he have a strong passion for filming and editing, he also loves to write. His dream has always been to one day be a film maker in Hollywood directing and producing movies.

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Layla Mazdyasni | 858Teen Contributor

Name:  Layla Mazdyasni, 858Teen Contributor and Outside the Lens Youth Councilor

School:  Sophomore at Torrey Pines High School (following in the footsteps of my older brother and sister)

Dream:  I want to spend the rest of my life surrounded by happiness and kind hearted people. I love the sunshine and the pouring rain; everyday is just as beautiful as the one before and the one to follow. My dream is to travel the world, learning about new cultures and cuisines.  Some day, I hope to teach underprivileged children how to ice skate. I want to share my passion with kids who may not otherwise have the opportunity to do so.

Favorites:  My favorite days are those jam packed with different activities, different places to visit, and different people to see.

Interests:  From a young age, I found interest in documenting my adventures with a camera. I was amazed at how you could click a simple button, and capture a lifetime’s worth of memories. Crazy, isn’t it? Before my passion for photography came my passion for figure skating.


Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Natasha Thomson | Outside the Lens | 858TeenName: Natasha Thomson 858Teen Contributor and Outside the Lens Youth Councilor

School: Junior at The Bishop’s School

Favorites: I enjoy photography and photojournalism. I love how pictures can freeze a moment in time and allow that moment to always be revisited. Pictures, however, are only part of the entire moment; even though you can capture the moment there are always a variety of things happening outside of the picture frame that are left for your imagination. Photography triggers imagination; that is the magic of it.

Interests: I am very interested in analyzing the way people think and respond to certain situations. I would like to one day pursue a career that uses that analyzing to create a positive impact on the world. I am a modern dancer as well as a soccer player and in my free time I enjoy taking pictures and yoga.

Dream: I would someday like to travel the world and immerse myself in many different cultures. I want to understand and reach the hearts of as many people as possible. And of course, I would document all of my travels.