Selecting a Multicultural Preschool for Your Child

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Kristin Rude | Choosing a PreschoolMost parents are not bewildered by a multitude of marvelous choices when it comes to selecting a preschool or finding a solution to daycare.  Our country has a long way to go before it adequately meets the early development needs of our children.  It’s little surprise, then, that parents who have the most financial flexibility also have the most options.

In making your choice, as limited or as broad as it may be, I encourage you to consider a multicultural setting.  The sooner children learn to get along with others, the more likely they will be able as adults.

The primary judgment the parent of any child needs to make in evaluating a preschool is whether it will provide a nurturing and supportive atmosphere that affirms the child’s developing identity.  Regardless of race, the reality is that most parents choose a preschool or a daycare facility primarily according to its proximity to work or home and its affordability.  They consider themselves lucky if they find a place that matches those two needs and seems safe.

Remember that whatever degree of diversity a school has, you can always bolster it by signing your child up for a playgroup that either emphasizes his/her culture or broadens his/her appreciation of others.


Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Kristin Rude | Kristin Rude PhotoKristin Rude is the Owner and Center Director of FasTracKids, Del Mar. She previously taught in the Del Mar Union School District. Kristin obtained her teaching credential from the University of San Diego and has her Masters degree in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis on second language learners. When Kristin is not working, motherhood keeps her plenty busy with her 2 children, Connor, age 3 & Katherine, age 2. She looks forward to having her own children benefit from the FasTracKids program. Spending time with her family, golfing, traveling, and continuously learning are among her favorite activities.


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