Art & Framing by Munro Gallery Highlights Featured Artists

Because of their large selection of the finest quality custom framing choices, the artisans are able to create a unique frame that will truly highlight and showcase your artwork, pictures, and other precious memorabilia.  No matter what the occasion calls for, Art & Framing by Munro Gallery can put together a gorgeous custom piece for you!  With their creative backgrounds, the artisans can truly bring out the picture simply by choosing a unique combination of framing and molding.  Don’t settle for anything less, nothing is too challenging for this team of experienced designers.
Edward Thomas Masterson

As an artist turned photographer, Ed Masterson has spent the last 40 years developing a unique approach to fine art photography through his creative vision.  Masterson’s images have gained international recognition and he is currently developing a series of one man shows benefiting various charities.  Masterson’s art is printed on Kodak Endura metallic-based paper with an archival and fade-resistant quality for 200 years.  Recently, Nikon Corporation has selected Masterson as one of twelve featured International Photographers in Nikon World Magazine, a professional publication that explores the world’s most creative and unique image makers.

You can view more of Ed Masterson’s work at

Peter Myers

Peter Myers is a Dana Point, California based photographer.  With a creative eye and a unique understanding of the artistic and photographic experience, he has enjoyed over 3 decades of documenting and capturing visual perceptions of an ever changing environment.  With a preference to Black & White conversation photography in this digital age…his belief is that a good photograph should tell a story as “light provides the illumination while the shadows provide the details.”


Mayhem is originally from British Columbia, Canada.  He believes his art to be of the purest form.  The images are mainly produced though raw emotion and memory, the memories can be from the past, present or even the future.  “Sometimes the process becomes more of just uncovering the images and spirits projected or trapped on the surface I’m working with,..The act of painting simply becomes a peeling of layers in order to uncover what seems to already be there.”

Mystical expressionism, combined with elements of raw emotion and a unique form of abstract impressionism, would best describe my emerging art style.”



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