Custom High-End Framing for Your Art, Mirrors and TV

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Envision Your Art, Your Mirrors and Even Your TV in a Whole New Light with Custom High End Framing

When you were a child the most special papers in your life had a home on the fridge, where you proudly displayed your achievements to the world. As you got older you graduated to thumbtacks, a cork board, and eventually store-bought frames. Now that you are grown, you aren’t hanging up a report card or hand-drawn picture. You may be hanging an original painting you bought on your vacation to Sicily, a baseball bat Babe Ruth used in the height of his career, or the diploma you gave years of your life to earn. Give your most precious possessions the respect and attention they deserve. Invest in custom framing and ensure that your treasured items will last a lifetime.

Custom framing will protect your possessions and display them in their most flattering light. With the help of an experienced framing designer you can select the perfect mat and frame molding to complement your piece. Their expert knowledge will guide you through the selection process and make your artwork, sports memorabilia, certificates and keepsakes come alive.

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Munro Gallery | Flat Screen TV FramedOne of the hottest new trends in the world of framing is framing your flatscreen television. Most manufacturers put all of their efforts towards how images appear on the television, not the actual appearance of the TV. Imagine your bland TV with a beautiful contemporary, rustic, ornate, traditional, or designer frame. With all these options homeowners are also flocking to reframe their household mirrors. With such minor effort and change you can actually transform the look of an entire room. It is amazing what a difference a new frame can make.

To view San Diego’s widest selection of fine quality custom framing options visit Art & Framing by Munro Gallery at 4653 Carmel Mtn. Rd. #309A, San Diego, CA 92130. Coupled with over 45 years of experience in the custom framing industry, the artisans of Munro Gallery will design and manufacture you the perfect frame to uniquely showcase the gems in your life. You can also call them at (858) 259-2787 or visit them online at Munro Gallery.


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