So Much to Do at the Ocean Air Rec Center!

Ocean Air Recreation Center sits on an 18 acre park in Carmel Valley, and is one of the newer recreation centers in San Diego.  The Recreation Center offers two ball fields, an outdoor and indoor basketball court, volleyball and badminton courts, walking paths, picnic areas, a large grassy field, and a fitness area.  The Carmel Mountain preserve sits just behind the Recreation Center and houses one of the trailheads that leads to a beautiful and breath-taking trail up the hill.

The Ocean Air Recreation Center opened in January of 2010, and over the years has been providing the residents of Carmel Valley with wonderful facilities, programs, and classes.

Ryan Dalzell, a local business owner and resident says, “Ocean air is a great place in Carmel Valley from a Realtor perspective because it is an area that is very dynamic and growing.  It is driven in large part by the popularity of the excellent school systems.”  Ocean Air Elementary, located just in the background of the Recreation Center, is one of the schools he is referring to.

Like most recreation centers, Ocean Air Recreation Center offers many sport classes like basketball, soccer, dodge ball, flag football, and volleyball.  All of these classes are either for a certain age group, or for all age groups broken into different times throughout the day.  But sport classes aren’t the only thing offered at Ocean Air.  Youth enrichment classes such as public speaking, strategy board games, and future millionaires are available for kids in the community.   Martial arts, dancing, painting, and cooking classes are also offered and are just as popular!

Fees for all the classes vary, as well as the amount of meetings and their meeting times.  Most of the spring classes have already started and some are even halfway through; making sign ups for this spring too late.  But, there’s always summer session!  In fact, the summer program will be released in just a few weeks on May 29th, and signups will be available shortly after that.  To get a feel for what you or you child might want to sign up for, visit, and there you will find a PDF file of all the classes Ocean Air had to offer.




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  1. Cool! There are summer classes? I’m sure many of my nephews will be interested to enroll and join the activities. How many usually sign up for these classes in a year?

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