Oktoberfest in September at the Pacific Sports Resort in Carmel Valley!

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | James Pahl | SWT Facebook logo (long)Del Mar, CA – Local conservation group, Primate Rescue Network, in conjunction with the Friends of Bonobos will host “SeptemberFest Fun-Raiser 2013” beer-tasting celebration at the Pacific Sports Resort (formerly known as the PAC) in Carmel Valley.  The event, open to the general public, will be held on Saturday, September 28th beginning at 4 pm and features ten varieties of beer from Ballast Point Brewery along with beer-friendly snacks and a few sweet treats!  Also “on tap” for the evening will be a solo bagpipe competition known as “kitchen-piping,” an inspirational talk by world-renowned conservationist Claudine André plus live music from local blues & jazz group, the Jim Gibson Band and raffle prizes!

The intention of the event is to bring awareness to the challenges facing primates on both sides of globe and what each of us can do to help minimize our impact on remaining primate populations and their habitat.

Ticket price is $25 with paid RSVP or $35 at the door.

RSVP now at: SavingWildThings.org

About the Primate Rescue Network (PRN)

The PRN was created out of necessity by The CT Project, Inc. Board of Directors after discovering several, under-funded, primate rescue centers throughout Latin America doing amazing work by not only saving endangered primates, but also the surrounding forests in which they live.  These vital rescue centers are not only the last hope for confiscated, unwanted and orphaned primates, they also provide education and conservation programs to their surrounding communities.

About Friends of Bonobos 

Local non-profit organization Friends of Bonobos‘ sole purpose is to support and promote the work of “Lola ya Bonobo”, the bonobo sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) that has been taking in orphaned bonobos, since 1993.  The “Lola ya Bonobo” sanctuary was created in 2002 and today is home to more than 60 bonobos who have been or are still being rehabilitated.  In 2009 a first group of these bonobos travelled half-way across the country to “Ekolo ya Bonobo” for the first ever bonobo release into the wild.


James Pahl, President of The CT Project, Inc.
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