One of the Best Dog Parks in San Diego

Hi, this is David Moya, with I wanted to show you guys this really cool spot in Carmel Valley. It’s the dog park at the Torrey Hills Shopping Center. I’m here, with my dog, Milo and he loves coming here. He’s, actually, met his girlfriend out here, Luna. But there’s a ton of toys. I got some toys, here. Some people even make toys, bring them, leave them here. It’s a really cool place.

I’d say, top dog park, in North County. Open space, so you could see all around me, here. Tons of dogs, usually, but right now, it seems pretty empty. I think it’s 1:00, 2:00, something like that and they are building something out here. Dirty Dogs and then Torrey Hills Shopping Center try to keep this dog park up to par as much as possible and they do a really good job, but anyway, come check it out.

This is by far one of the best dog parks in San Diego.


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