One Paseo’s DEIR Released

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | One Paseo | Draft Environmental Impact ReportAs many of you may know, the proposed project of One Paseo has been an important topic among Carmel Valley residents, business owners, and other members in the community.  In recent news, the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) regarding One Paseo has been released.

The Environmental Impact Report, is a required document under the state’s California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).  Prepared by a consultant for the City of San Diego, the report is used to evaluate any and all environmental impact a proposed project may have on its surroundings.  The DEIR also contains recommendations (specific measures and alternatives) to help reduce identified impact.  In this case, the DEIR is also intended to give the Carmel Valley community, the Carmel Valley Planning Board, the Planning Commission and City Council, a clearer understanding of the environmental effects that could potentially occur should the proposed project be approved.

The Draft EIR assesses potentially significant impacts in 14 environmental issue areas:

  • Land Use, Transportation/Circulation/Parking, Visual Effects and Neighborhood Character, Noise, Air Quality, Energy, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Paleontological Resources, Biological Resources, Hydrology/Water Quality, Public Utilities, Public Services and Facilities/Recreation, Health and Safety, and Historical Resources.

One Paseo’s DEIR was released Thursday, March 29, 2012, and will remain in public review status for 60 days to help encourage public input and comments.  Monday, May 29, 2012 will conclude the review period for the Draft Environmental Impact Report.  All comments and input must be submitted on or before May 29, 2012 in order to be taken into account by the decision-making authorities.  The community is highly encouraged to ask questions and share comments, especially during the review and comment period, since the city of San Diego cannot approve the proposed project until it certifies the Final EIR.  The Final EIR cannot be certified without community feedback.

The Draft EIR process began with the public scoping hearing hosted by the City of San Diego in June of 2010.  Over the past couple years, a lot of time and energy has gone into creating the Draft EIR.  If you wish to make any comments regarding the DEIR, please email  Please be sure to include the Project Name and Number with you comment.  Written comments can be mailed to:

Martha Blake, Environmental Planner
City of San Diego Development Services Center
1222 First Avenue, MS 501, San Diego, CA 92101

General Project Information:

Project Name: One Paseo
Project Number: 193036/SCH No. 2010051073.
Community Plan Area: Carmel Valley
Council District: 1 (Lightner)

The construction of One Paseo will cover a total of 1,857,440 square feet, consisting of commercial retail, commercial office space, a 150-room hotel, multi-family residential units, and parking facilities (both on and above ground).  The project will also include public space areas, internal roadways, landscaping, hardscape treatments, and utility improvements.  Offsite improvements will include frontage improvements, utility extensions, access improvements, and intersection improvements.

For more information about public hearings and/or meetings about the proposed One Paseo project, contact Renee Mezo at 619.446.5001.  And for more information about the project, please visit and the City Clerk’s website at

Carmel Valley residents, this is your city.  Comments are welcomed and encouraged.


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2 Responses to One Paseo’s DEIR Released

  1. One paseo will be a great addition to the community

    • Obviously Elias has not read the One Paseo DEIR. I would suggest he read the sections dealing with the impacts the project will have on traffic and neighborhood and community character. These negative impacts cannot be mitigated. Is this really what he wants in Carmel Valley?

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