Pacific Highlands Ranch: Community Spotlight

On Carmel Valley’s eastern side, the neighborhood of Pacific Highlands Ranch is a shining example of true community spirit and is leading the way towards an exciting future for Carmel Valley.  Residents already enjoy a neighborhood that offers a perfect San Diego climate (no June gloom or May grey to be found), picturesque hiking and biking trails and a network of the absolute best schools San Diego has to offer, but what is just as appealing is the bright future that lies ahead.

Though Pacific Highlands Ranch has been a part of Carmel Valley since the early 2000s, it’s the future footprint that the neighborhood promises to have that is perhaps most compelling.  When PHR was designed and planned it included an inviting community concept that would highlight a walkable, amenity-rich design that brought residents together.  The master plan included a new Elementary School, Middle School and a Village Center complete with pedestrian main street, grocery store, restaurants, boutique shops, library and potentially a movie theater.  All these great amenities have until recently been on hold due to restricted growth legislation passed more than a decade ago.  But with the passing of Prop C in 2010, the path to Pacific Highlands Ranch’s bright future is now here.

The new Elementary school (still unnamed until a voting contest decides it) is scheduled for its groundbreaking ceremony in November and will be located across from the wildly popular Recreation Center that has been the heart of the community since its inception.   The Rec Center is where residents have congregated to enjoy BBQ’s, work out in the first class fitness center and play in the family and children’s pools.

With great public and private schools like Sycamore Ridge Elementary, Canyon Crest Academy and Cathedral Catholic High School, families have access to the best educational and athletic programs to prepare kids for higher education.  Add in both charity and community events like a weekly farmer’s market, Parent Connection swap meets and a range of sports leagues, and Pacific Highlands Ranch is certainly a community on the move!

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