Pacific Sports Resort Celebrates Its 10 Years in Carmel Valley

Pacific Sports Resort, formally known as Pacific Athletic Club, has been serving Carmel Valley as well as other surrounding cities for a just about a decade now.  Seeing as it opened July 15, 2002, the resort will be celebrating its 10-year anniversary this summer.  Providing the best is what Pacific Sports Resort does best as it strives to offer top-notch equipment, facilities, staff, and trainers.  Please continue reading below…

On site, the Resort offers a 15,000-square-foot fitness center, eight outdoor tennis courts, three swimming pools, and a beautiful day spa.  The fitness center consists of a dedicated cycling, yoga, and Pilates studio, personal training and exercise classes, free weights, and BaySport physical therapy.  Yoga is very popular at the Pacific Sports Resort, in fact, there are more yoga classes held here than any other surrounding facilities.  Aquatics are another strong feature at the Resort.  Great professional instructors and trainers offer lessons for children and adults, as well as those with disabilities.   The pools are categorized into Adult, Family, and Children’s pools; each with depth range and temperature set accordingly.  A Whirlpool Spa, available for adults 21 and older, is located on the Adult Pool Deck for those looking to relax or recuperate after an intense workout.

Six baskets for full and half-court play, located on a regulation NCAA basketball court,are offered for those with the love of basketball.  Club members enjoy friendly pickup games, competitive leagues, social tournaments, basketball camps and more.  Badminton and Squash are just some of the other programs available, and they are offered for beginners, the experienced, and those just looking to have some fun.  Tennis is a very popular sport at the Pacific Sports Resort and according to the USPTA, home of the “Best Tennis Club in San Diego.”

Stepping out of the excitement and thrill of the sports, you find yourself in the Resort’s very own day spa – Sanctuary Spa.  The spa is warmly open to both members and the public; offering a wide selection of transformative treatments including skincare, nail care, massage, waxing and tinting.

Come enjoy all that Pacific Sports Resort has to offer.  With an average of 153 classes per day, there is sure to be something that you will love.  Whether its stopping at the fitness center on the way home from work, to loading up the family on the weekend to splash around in the Family Pool, the Pacific Sports Resort matches all your needs and wants.


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Karli Swarez

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