Project Give

The Carmel Valley Life has created joint collaboration with credible, honest and powerful organizations that have similar commitments and aspirations to create a better world.  Friends of The Carmel Valley Life understand that we have a responsibility to give to other communities that are less-fortunate.  Our original idea for this community website was to create a closer-connected community.. in hopes to make it flourish even more…to create a place that focuses on the good in our community and helps facilitate a greater sense purpose within the community .  The purpose for “Project Give” is to answer the call to help less-fortunate communities around the globe by contributing to the betterment of their well-being by providing the resources  they need to become self-sustaining and self-sufficient.  Our hope is that as a community, will spark a movement within San Diego and the rest of our country, to look beyond our own lives and provide a helping hand to those less-fortunate.

Renee Zau | Community Contributor | The Carmel Valley Life

Renee Zau


Renee Zau is a longtime Carmel Valley resident and business owner.  She lives with her partner Darryl, and their combined 3 children who attend Sycamore Ridge Elementary and Torrey Pines High School. Her life revolves around kids’ activities, getting fresh air and sun, running several businesses, chairing the Parent Connection, and launching DonationMatch – her startup with Darryl that provides web-based handling of charitable in-kind (non-cash) donation requests and event prize procurement to save both businesses and nonprofits time.  Renee is The Carmel Valley Life’s philantrophic coordinator and will be sharing with the community, local events, such as playgroup options, swap meets, and parent programs.