Protect Your Privacy When Applying for New Credit

Have you found that you receive an influx of phone calls or letters in the mail right after you have applied for credit for a home loan or other types of credit?  Are you wondering how to protect your privacy when applying for new credit.

Did you know that the actual credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax and Transunion can sell your information when a credit inquiry is completed? This is why you may experience an influx of phone calls and letters right after you have applied for credit.

The big question is how to do you protect yourself?  When I am prequalifying a client for a home loan, we try not to input any contact information into the system, such as phone numbers or email addresses.  This helps cut down the options for them to contact you and may even reduce the sale-ability value as a result.

You may also visit a website for the Consumer Credit Reporting Industry at  or call 888-5OPT OUT.  If you opt out on this site, you can do it for 5 yrs or permanently.  There is also an option to opt back in you if you like.  Do keep in mind that this will probably stop all the pre-approved credit offers that you receive in the mail so if you like receiving those, you would not want to ‘opt out’ on this site.

You can also register on the do not call list online at

Please give me a call if I can help answer any additional questions you may have.

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