Sage Canyon Park: Birthday Parties to Little League Baseball

The Sage Canyon Park is located on the corner of Carmel Mountain Rd and Harvest Run in San Diego CA 92130 just a few feet from Sage Canyon Elementary School. This park has a vast variety of different activities available to partake in such as going on the swings, playing on any of the multiple play structures, shooting hoops on the basketball courts, having fun on the handball walls, digging in the sandbox,  playing any sport on one of the two freshly cut grass baseball fields which also host many practices and games for Little League Baseball, and to top it off hitting a ball around at the beach volley ball court. The park is always filled with children screaming and playing with joy and making new friends. During the weekends there are many birthday parties because of all of the picnic tables, barbecues, and big fields it makes for the perfect birthday gathering not only for young children but for all ages. The park is located in what is one of the best neighborhoods in all of Carmel Valley and is a nice park to walk your dog because it is very spread out. Even at night it is very safe with all of the lights illuminating the park so parents can go with their kids and still feel secure at anytime of the day. Because of all of the different activities there are at this wonderful park it is the ideal meeting place for friends and families. Just down the rode from Sage Canyon Park there is The Torrey Hills Shopping Center with all different kinds of restaurants to eat at after your visit to the park. Sage Canyon Park is popular for its marvelous location and its nicely maintained fields. This park is definitely one of my favorite parks to go to in the Carmel Valley area; everyone is so friendly and welcoming.


Carmel Valley San Diego Community | 858 Teen Contributor | Tyler Chase

Name: Tyler Chase

School: Torrey Pines High School

Bio: Tyler was born and raised in Carmel Valley and loves making short films and skateboard videos on his free time.  Tyler has been making all types of films since his parents got him his first camera when he was 5.  Not only does he have a strong passion for filming and editing, he also loves to write. His dream has always been to one day be a film maker in Hollywood directing and producing movies.


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