Sandos Finisterra Cupcake Cabo Cafe

I think it is safe to say that food is important for everyone especially when vacationing. A Cabo Cafe that serves food and coffee is especially a treat. Here in Sandos Finisterra, there are six or seven different options for you on a daily basis. I am inside Cupcake Cafe which is one of our favorites. We were able to come out here morning, lunch, dinner, get some coffee right before our actual meal. You can get cupcakes.  That is why it is called Cupcake Place or Cupcake Cafe. You can get pastries, cake, sweets, that type of thing. Any kind of coffee really, smoothies and so forth. It was one of our favorite places to come out here and hang out. There is a great view. So I will show you a little bit of the place right now. Also incorporated the stone, the natural stone that’s on this hill that we are on into the design which is great. Eco-friendly. Here is the view from the patio in the inside of the cafe. One of our favorite spots.

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