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David interviews Julie during a Google Hangout:

David: Today, I’m here with Julie Ozanich, who’s our local home lending expert on the I wanted her to talk a little about some of the cool things that she’s doing marketing-wise, as well as what she’s doing within the community that’s really highlighting the community in many ways. One of the things is, she’s our host for Lifestyle Tours, and we get to meet some great realtors, check out some really neat properties. Julie, tell us a little bit about that series.

Julie:    Lifestyle Tours wonderful feature on the website. Once a month we feature several homes that are listed for sale in the area. We have the opportunity to talk with several realtors and feature these properties, which helps give folks an idea of what type of properties are available in that area and the neighborhood, and gives a neighborhood feel of what that community has to offer. It’s so much fun getting to know everyone there.

David: It’s great because we get to check out the properties. We go around on caravans so we get to see the community as well, which is fantastic. When you’re on caravan … I’m always there, generally, so I see that you’re asked a lot of questions. One of them was policies are always changing, laws are always changing; how are you adapted to that? You really respond well so many times. I’d like to have you share that a little bit.

Julie:    Sure. We’ve actually been following a lot of these rules and regulations for some time now, so there’s very minor changes that we’re going through as of this year; some of the policies put into place. I hear feedback other lenders are going through a lot of changes. We did those changes a while back, and at the same time, we’ve adapted. Part of the rules is regulations on certain loan programs that are being offered. We were able to go out and find investors that were willing to take those risks and still offer special features, like debt ratios that are up to 50%, interest-only loans, value loans; things like that we still have available. Finding programs where we’re still willing to take that risk and offer that help more people purchase homes. It’s been really fun to get the word out on those things.

David: One of the great things that I enjoy is to watch Julie come alive on camera. It’s neat because a mortgage is not necessarily a really exciting topic at times. It can be, but a lot of times people don’t necessarily equate that with excitement. You really bring not only mortgage as a subject alive, but really seeing you come alive on camera has been great. Thanks for being our host on that.

Julie:    Thank you for having me, David. It’s been a lot of fun.

David: Check out Julia on our website, at the, or you can also check out our YouTube channel. We’ll be sure to have you on here again to talk a little bit more about home lending and different topics like that.

Julie:    Thanks, David. It’s been fun. Thanks.

David: Thank you.


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