Carmel Valley Resident Hosts “Secret Table” Event

Saturday November 23rd at 6:30pm at a secret hill top estate in Del Mar/Carmel Valley was the location of the last Secret Table event.  Over 100 individuals attended this community-based organic food event that showcases its flare at unique and secret locations all around the county.  The event featured 5 food stations including desert and organic wine, live music, chair and table massages, and an unforgettable crowd of people there to connect with each other and build new relationships.

Pablo A. Fernandez, Founder and Producer of the Secret Table and holistic chef and educator, believes in the healing power of real food and just as important, the community that comes together around it.  The idea of The Secret Table came from the many cooking classes and community dinners hosted by Pablo and team, noticing that there was a missing link for larger scale events that blended the best of all worlds here in San Diego.

After interviewing Pablo we realized why he is so passionate about his big project, “The Secret Table is a fun, sexy, heart-centered educational way to bring people together on a Saturday night.  You get to eat plenty of delicious organic food at the different stations, learn some recipes, and we create a safe and open space to build community and create new relationships.  That is the main purpose of why we do what we do.  We wanted to create something new, that had not been done before in San Diego, combining the best of all worlds in a unique and fun setting.  So far it has proven to do just that and people absolutely love it!”
This last event brought together some of North County’s top health and wellness company’s as event sponsors, World Nativ, The GoodOnYa Bar, Shine Natural Medicine, Beaming, Bergamot Spa, Core40, and Solar Rain Water.  There was a silent auction hosted to raise money for a local non-profit called Leah’s Pantry.  They run grassroot programs throughout the city particularly in under-served communities to teach healthy living and help feed families in need.
The last couple events have sold out to 100 people in just 4-5 days, the best way to get a direct invitation to future events is to get on their invite list, visit for more information. The next event is set for late January, with plans for events to be hosted about every 45 days.
To contact Pablo A. Fernandez directly visit his personal site at and


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