Sculpt a Sexy Core with Kettlebell Swings

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Kettlebells are one of the most versatile pieces of gym equipment when it comes to developing power, strength and core stability. In fact, when it comes to building exceptional core strength and cutting body fat fast, kettlebells are one of the most effective tools out there for achieving a strong physique and sexy core. 

 Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Sculpt Sexy Core with Kettlebell Swings | Melanie MediateWhy Kettlebell Over Dumbell?

 The secret to kettlebells success is that it’s a form of exercise that utilizes functional & compound integrated exercises versus singular un-integrated muscle group training as is the case with dumbells. Kettlebells’ small, compact size, mean the amount of rotation and swinging movements you can conduct with them is vast.  The benefit of this is that these rotation and swinging movements require large compound muscle groups to work together in order to stabilize and control each swing, meaning the level of muscle recruitment during each movement is immense. Further, because kettlebells pack a lot of weight into a relatively small piece of equipment, exceptionally heavy weight can quickly be lifted quickly with great force, which allows for high intensity training shedding fat and building strength.

 So Why is the Kettlebell Swing So Great?

 The kettlebell swing is the foundational movement for anybody looking to start incorporating kettlebell movements into their workouts.  It is cardiovascular and strength training all in one!  HIIT (high intensity interval training) is an ideal method for burning fat and developing cardiovascular health.  The kettle bell swing involves the recruitment of the glutes, hamstrings, core, back and shoulders, as well as containing a strong cardiovascular capacity – making it one of the best full body exercises out there.  Activating the posterior chain muscles of the body (glutes, core, hamstrings, shoulders, back), inadvertently build sprint power for performing quick intense moves.  This exercise also is a great movement for building core strength and the classic six pack…

 Gives You Great Abs Too

 Unlike crunches that have little benefit to any other exercise beyond themselves, with the kettlebell swing, your abs are recruited in large doses by all the other muscle groups pulling from your central core. This forces your abdominals to strengthen and grow accordingly.

 Due to the ability to adjust how heavy a load you’re lifting, this exercise is not only a great all around workout, it’s great for both men and women and all fitness types, which can be hard to come by with advanced moves like this.

Creating Your Kettlebell Routine

60 second shuttles of kettlebell swings working at a consistent and steady pace (to make it clear – when I say consistent, I mean consistent at your most intense pace)

  • 10- 60 second break depending on your cardiovascular endurance level
  • Repeat x 10

To increase intensity (as you develop) either increase weight, minimize break time, carry out longer shuttles or count your total reps performed per set and look to improve it.  It is equally as effective for advanced training as it is when used by beginners– you simply switch up the load, speed and force depending on your personal fitness level.

 In a Nutshell

 The kettle Bell is a wonderful tool to incorporate into your regular routine. It’s not only small and compact (won’t take up much space in your house) but its so versatile & functional — making it great for quick at home full body compound workouts. The kettlebell is a great all around tool for your workouts and is actually really fun to use!!

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Melanie Mediate | Health FitnessMelanie is a San Diego native, a lover of outdoor activities, cooking, friends & family, & is an entrepreneur at heart.  As a personal chef and fitness coach, she has been able to combine her two career passions – which has proven to be an exciting journey.  Inspired by a love for cooking & entertaining, Melanie attended the Art Institute of San Diego and in 2006, she became a personal chef.  Ever since been then, she has been preparing nutritious gourmet meals (personal meal deliveries & private party catering) for residents in La Jolla, Carmel Valley and all over North County San Diego.  Melanie is NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified and is the founder of Rock Body Food.  Melanie truly loves her job of teaching others how to do what she loves & lives herself!


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