Soy – Should You Savor It or Skip It?

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Amy Mewborn | Pancakes with FruitAnother common misconception about the American diet is that we should be getting our protein from Soy.  We have been told that we should eliminate meat and instead eat tofu.  Or instead of that dairy latte, a soy latte is a much better and healthier choice.

Sorry to be the breaker of bad news, but soy is another item that should really be taken out of your diet for better health and weight loss!

One of the biggest modern day concerns about soy is that it is a phytoestrogen.  I hear you now – “Ok, what exactly does that mean?”  It means that it is a plant based version of estrogen.  It also means that there is still a lot that is unknown about how the body responds to these phytoestrogens.  There are concerns that they reduce testosterone in men and increase estrogen in women, causing natural hormone disruptions.

Soy is believed to impair thyroid function in many women, making it even harder to lose weight, despite doing all the right things!

But the biggest concerns it that is one of the most genetically modified items in our food supply.  There are valid concerns about how genetically modified foods are metabolized by the body, and if they won’t cause further health challenges and cancer due to the processed nature of the foods.

The other large concern is that soy is a replacement in so many foods.  Soybean oil is in many baked goods, and has even become one of the large substitutions in coffee shops.

Again, soy may not be an issue for you personally.  However, it is excluded from the Fit in 60 weight loss plan, and will allow you the opportunity to see if it causes your body to react poorly, and may be one of the reasons you aren’t losing weight.

Our suggestion is always to take something out of your diet for two weeks and see how your body reacts.

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Amy MewbornOriginally from the Midwest, Amy moved to San Diego in 2001. A graduate of Valparaiso University, Amy had been a Financial Advisor since 1997. When Amy began taking Pilates with her neighbor Wendy, in 2006, she fell in love with the method and benefits of the program and knew she wanted to help others achieve their fitness goals. It was not until Amy took her first barre class that she discovered her true passion for fitness. She loved the challenge and energy of each class. And more importantly, she was excited by the results as her body became more toned than through any other workout routine she had tried in the past. Amy would be one of the best testimonials for Fit in 60 Pilates and Barre. In less than a month’s time, attending 4-5 classes a week, Amy went from a size 10/12 to a size 6. She came home one day and told her husband, Mike that “if every girl knew this, every girl would do it.” Amy is passionate about getting to know her clients and provide modifications and corrections to challenge every client, while making classes as safe as possible. Amy lives in Carlsbad with her husband, Mike, and her dog Emma. She loves what she does, and is thrilled to present the Fit in 60 workout to Carlsbad and Carmel Valley and is eager to help women look and feel great!


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