Specialty Home Loan Options: Jumbo, Stated, Foreign Nationals

While the majority of borrowers use conventional financing for their home loans, sometimes non-conventional financing is a better option… and sometimes non-conventional financing is the only option. In this video, Christian Alvarez, a Mortgage Advisor with Samuel Scott Financial Group, explains the different types of specialty loans that are available for buyers with “out of the box” situations.

In addition to government backed loans (conventional financing options), Samuel Scott Financial Group also offers clients a wide variety of home loan options from Portfolio Investors.  Because these loans are coming from private investors, they do not have to adhere to government parameters and can be good solutions for borrowers with specific needs.

For example, let’s say you have been self-employed for years and have only limited forms of income documentation.   The challenge here is that conventional financing requires a lot of paperwork and you may not be able to qualify without those income records.  Through private investors, however, Samuel Scott is able to help clients obtain products like Alternative Document or Stated Income Loans For many small business owners this is a great option that allows them to be both an entrepreneur and a home owner.

San Diego is known for our rich diversity; as a vacation city we attract a lot of tourists and many would like to make Southern California their home.  Here the challenge is that Foreign Nationals may not qualify for a convention, government backed loan.   The good news is that Samuel Scott has investors who will work with borrowers from out of the country.  We can pull international credit reports and tax returns that allow us to prove the strength of a borrower and get them into their US dream home.

There are many situations that can make a borrower feel like they are not qualified for a home loan, but with specialty products financing could very well be within reach.  It’s important not to feel limited by conventional loan options.  Instead, sit down with a professional Mortgage Advisor and explain what makes your finances unique. Our team is trained to analyze your entire situation and present solutions that fit your overall goals.

Ask us about Jumbo Loans or Mega Jumbo Loans.  Talk to us about how to get a loan when your credit is less than perfect or if you are interested in a non-warrantable condo.  As a mortgage bank, we often have as much as eight times the amount of loans options as a traditional bank.   That means our clients have more options and more opportunities to secure the right loan.

Give us a call at 858.259.6070 or speak to any of our Mortgage Advisors.  We are real people and real professionals – let us help you find the right loan!


Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Samuel Scott Financial Group | Christian AlvarezChristian Alvarez is a bilingual Mortgage Advisor at Samuel Scott Financial Group with more than 11 years of experience in the mortgage industry. Christian, who was born and raised in San Diego, began his career as a Loan Officer at Primary Capital in Laguna Hills in 2001.  He went on to work for Back Bay Funding, First Capital Corp., and later co-founded Finance North America.  At Finance North America, Christian was one of the first to create and offer US based loans for purchasing real estate in Mexico.

Christian is recognized for his persistence, a particularly valuable quality in a challenging housing market, and his reliability in serving clients.  He considers it a personal goal to help clients in tough situations, especially if they have been denied a loan before.  With his strong commitment to helping people achieve home ownership, Christian is an excellent Mortgage Advisor and a Southern California market expert.

Samuel Scott Financial Group is a boutique mortgage company recognized for superior customer satisfaction and the way they tailor the residential loan process to every individual client.  Todd “Samuel” Pianin and Brian “Scott” Reynolds founded the company on the principles of long lasting relationships, and a sincere honest approach to every single individual we serve.  Consistent and reliable, Samuel Scott Financial Group has been selected as The

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Samuel Scott Financial GroupBest Mortgage Company in San Diego for the 5th straight year by readers of local publications.

President:  Todd Pianin

Vice President of Sales:  Russ Schreier

Mortgage Advisors:  Christian Alvarez,  Dean Brown, Mark Buchanan, Mitch Palmer, Brian Reynolds, Debra Roberts, Mark Robertson, Alex Scoma, Brian Shaw, Keith Sims, David Talbott.

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