Sportswear for Woman – Vivacity’s Spring 2015 Collection

I’m Vivian Sayward. I’m here with Christina Zeller of Vivacity, Sportswear for Woman. ¬†And we are so excited to talk about our Spring 2015 line. We have great new fabrics, new colors. And Christina’s going to talk a little bit more about each new function and feature of our collection. Christina, let’s start off with our beautiful new print.

Christina: Yes, thank you, Vivian. I was so excited to do a print. We picked a floral because we know women can relate to florals. But we wanted to do something a little bit more different than your regular floral, so we did it color-blocked with a sublimation style printing. And we love the architectural feel and still very fashionable.

Vivian: Right.

Christina: Fun. We’re very happy with it.

Vivian: Great. And Veronica is wearing our beautiful new Holly dress. We’re also excited about our new fabric. It’s a eco-poly fabric. Eco-conscious here in Southern California. So Christina’s going to talk a little bit more about this wonderful fabric made out of recycled polyester-spandex blend.

Christina: Yes, this fabric is amazing. It fits well. It adjusts to the body. It’s very lightweight. And we picked some really great colors. A very deep navy, tangerine and white, which are very much in style and will really look good on most all women. And the styling was relaxed but very modern as well.

Vivian: And Veronica is wearing our Steffi top along with our M skort. Flirty, fun, great on the court and off. We have been looking long and hard for this next collection. It’s our stretch woven. It has been really hard for us to find, but we think we’ve found it. Beautiful new styling for jackets and bottoms. And Christina’s going to talk a little bit more about that.

Christina: Yeah. Introducing a woven fabric to Vivacity,¬†Sportswear for Woman was on our list a long time ago and we’ve finally found the right fabric. It has the right amount of weight, travels well, does not wrinkle, great styling, very modern. Contemporary with comfort, which is basically really what we’re all about.

Vivian: And Veronica’s wearing our brand new Amanda jacket along with the Candace skort, and a Paulina wrap top. All made in that great fabric. So again, we’re really excited about our new collection. Great fashion. Great lines. Great features. All made here in Southern California. And we’d love to have some feedback. So please visit us on or on our Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram pages. Thanks so much.


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