STEAM2 Academy Explores Carmel Mtn Preserve

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Students will learn about vernal pools during a ranger-led Carmel Mountain Preserve nature walk at the November 30 STEAM2 Academy class.

STEAM2 Academy Explores Carmel Mtn Preserve’s Vegetation, Wildlife, & Vernal Pools

On Saturday, November 30th, the STEAM2 Academy will host an Outdoor Science Education Class at the Ocean Air Recreation Center in Carmel Valley.  The class is aimed at ages four through nine.  Students will learn how to use a simple pH sensor and datalogger to test soil and water before planting seeds.  The youth will then walk from the classroom to the Carmel Mountain Preserve trailhead and learn about the area’s flora and fauna as they take a short ranger-led nature walk.  Before leaving the preserve, the students will take an art break to paint their beautiful surroundings.  Then, they’ll return to the classroom and complete a vernal pool activity – based on their findings during the nature hike.

What is the STEAM2 Academy?

While the acronym STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) has been a widely used concept within the education community for many years, a newer notion implements an Art component and is known as STEAM.  Kimberly Mann Bruch took this latter concept a step farther and added in another important facet of primary education: Music.  Bruch’s STEAM2 Academy for ages 4-9 was launched this Summer at the Carmel Valley Recreation Center, where she also teaches a preschool class.

The STEAM2 Academy provides students the opportunity to learn through hands-on activities in the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math, and Music. Students are engaged in hands-on projects both indoors and outdoors.  The primary benefit of the Ocean Air Recreation Center’s location is its proximity to the Carmel Mountain Preserve, which will serve as an outdoor laboratory for the STEAM2 Academy.

The cost for the upcoming Saturday, November 30 class is $30 and additional information is found at the STEAM2 Academy website.


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