San Diego Teens Walk Barefoot For A Good Cause

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | San Diego Teens Walk Barefoot for a Good Cause | Elle Lefebvre On Tuesday, April 10th, Pacific Ridge School participated in an international event called One Day Without Shoes, which was created by TOMS shoe company.  Taking their shoes off for a day, students and faculty helped realize and bring awareness to the fact that 40% of the world’s population does not own a pair of shoes.  However, TOMS shoe company, is working to change that.  Its program One for One is geared so when a customer buys a pair of TOMS shoes, a second pair goes to child in need in a poverty-stricken country.  This helps these children in many ways – such as giving them opportunity, health, and education.  Without shoes, kids may contract deadly foot diseases and parasites, or get cuts prone to infection.  In addition, many children aren’t able to go to school; some schools require shoes as part of their uniform.  And even if a uniform isn’t enforced, a long, arduous walk to school is commonplace, and very hard to endure barefoot.  A lack of education only furthers the cycle of poverty in a vicious cycle.

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | San Diego Teens Walk Barefoot for a Good Cause | Elle Lefebvre On Tuesday, students and faculty could feel the uncomfortable sensation while they went without shoes; many complained of the cold, dirt, and painful toe stubs.  However, that was precisely the point of the event; experiencing a day in another child’s life.  Although there were some naysayers, numerous amounts of students and teachers pledged to go barefoot.  Throughout the day, bare feet were abundant in the halls and pathways.  There was also an option to walk on a “path” during the day to understand what it would feel like to walk miles and miles on unforgiving ground.  Sand, rough rocks, and lava rocks were uncomfortable on people’s feet, adding to the experience.

If they felt inspired enough, students could also go to and buy their own pair of TOMS.  This for certain, would help make a difference in a child’s life.  You too, can make a difference.  You can buy a pair of TOMS shoes, a shirt, or TOMS eyewear from the TOMS website.  In addition, you could participate in next year’s, One Day Without Shoes, and tell all your friends and family to get involved as well.  This will help further the cause and help many children live a better life.

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Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Elle A. Lefebvre | 858Teen

Name: Elle Lefebvre

School: Pacific Ridge School in Carlsbad

Favorites:  She loves her friends, family, and dogs. She loves watching Glee!

Interests:  She enjoys reading, playing the guitar, singing, and playing volleyball.  She really loves to do charity work!


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