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Carmel Valley San Diego Community | eCharging Stations at Torrey Hills Center | Going GreenTorrey Hills Center: Leading the Pack as an Environmentally Friendly Shopping Center

The Torrey Hills Center has been working hard to make their shopping center a more environmentally-friendly and “green” center.  Their solution to curbing pollution was to install not one, but two electric car charging stations, which are conveniently located near Taste (formerly Taste of Italy) restaurant.

The particular brand of charging station, PEP Stations, is a leading electronic vehicle charging station company, based out of Detroit.  The PEP electric car chargers are commercial, dual Level 2 charging stations, and do not require any subscription to use the stations.  In addition, they are credit card capable stations that have monitoring and reporting features.  They really are simple and easy to use!!

With approximately 80% of our air pollution coming from mobile sources, the Center felt it was imperative to help reduce air pollution by offering Carmel Valley residents a place to charge up their cars.  Staff and management of the center thought that “being able to offer residents a place to charge their electric vehicles might help more of the San Diego population purchase electric vehicles without being inconvenienced by limited charging stations.”

Electric cars, such as the popular Tesla or Nissan Leaf, are environmentally friendly cars that emit zero pollutants, but are sometimes limited by the range of their battery parks.  Now anyone traveling through Carmel Valley can take advantage of the electric charging stations, conveniently located in the shopping center.

Now Carmel Valley residents can purchase their Starbucks, get groceries at Vons or stop by Sculpt Fusion Yoga to get in a great workout, all while simultaneously charging their vehicles.  Talk about convenience!!!

In addition to the electric charging stations, management and staff of Torrey Hills Center have replaced parking and building lighting with LED bulbs on approximately 1/3 of the center’s property.  To continue protecting the environment, the center is hoping to completely change all lighting to more “green” options within the next couple of years.

There is no doubt that the Torrey Hills Shopping Center is definitely leading the pack in becoming more green, and protecting the health of the Carmel Valley community!


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