The Art of Interior Design at Arterra in Carmel Valley

Ani Yufe is at Arterra in Carmel Valley, and she shows us that it offers a really cool outdoor lounge area. She highlights the modern overhang structure located behind her and how it ties into the modernist vibe that Arterra has to offer.

So as you can see there are no columns. There’s just an overhang which is a very modern thing that actually some architects use all over the world. That overhang without having columns; structural engineering is definitely at play there. So really cool little features. And then you have the contrasting in the cool little lounge area. So what it, what it does is creates a sense of enclosure and it also creates that openness. So you have that sense of enclosure like you’re back in the womb. It’s cozy and it’s comfy which is really cool so people can gather. And at the same time there’s a sense of openness. So it’s kind of, like contrasting so it’s really cool. Then you have the contrast of the dark and then the brighter–, darker features of the browns in the lounge and then the bright areas are pops of color in pillows. And then you have these cool little features. You have the little stools and then you have a nice little fireplace. So thank you so much for watching and stayed tuned. And I will see you on the next episode.



Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Ani Yufe | Interior DesignerAni Yufe, southern California interior designer, trained in architecture loves sharing cool design spots to invoke for more inspiration, creativity, and innovation!  Ani’s curiosity and willingness to take fearless inspired action led her to travel and live internationally among diverse cultures in the most sustainable and livable cities on the planet, while seeking out and investing in re-known design and human potential education.  Her graduate level research revealed how well-designed sustainable architecture and urban design positively contributes to the happiness and well-being of society, its economic, cultural, and ecological sustainability for all its inhabitants.  Actively creating art and designing since she was a child, her skills are wildly varied within many scales and mediums of art and design.

 After over 5 years of combined professional graduate work and research, she saw an opportunity to share her passions and skills beyond the architectural scale of design, moving into the space of human potential. Getting her feet wet in social entrepreneurism, she produced and coordinated diverse events and participated in large city scale design exhibits, featuring her international research in design panels at the Democratic National Convention with over 7,000 people -an international sustainability focused event, Dialogue City: Designs to Change the Forecast in Denver. Focusing on global environmentally sustainable design, she has been published internationally along side other PhD City Planners in professional journals such as Plan Canada.

She seeks a heart-centered, meditative, conscious way of life, and has found an empowering method in supported her in her bliss and transformational abilities for inspiring and empowering others to pursue their potential; this is her way of life. She is driven to share value and her knowledge with the masses and support entrepreneurial game changers.


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