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Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Trash on Beach | Skye RaineyWe all see the trash on the beach—cigarette butts, balloons, glass bottles and cans, plastic bags—yet most of us don’t bother to pick it up.

Skylar Economy, a senior at La Jolla high school comments, “I feel that the trash should not be there because it is bad for the animals, the earth, and is not aesthetically pleasing.”

Although she obviously cares about the environment, Economy remarked that although she sees a lot of trash on the beach she rarely ever picks it up, or sees anyone else picking it up. Living along the coast it is shocking to see the apathy of beach goers toward the poor state of our beaches.

While the majority of people do not pick up trash there are people trying to mobilize the community to actively conserve local beaches.

Economy also stated that she has participated in several cleanups. If she stumbled upon a public beach cleanup she would definitely participate.

Other students show the same amount of concern for beaches. At Carlsbad High School there is a group of students determined to inspire the local community to clean up the beloved beaches. The students are part of a club at their campus affiliated with Surfrider Foundation. They host beach cleanups every two weeks open to the community, in the hopes of stimulating people to make a change.

The Surfrider Foundation organization also holds beach cleanups throughout California as well as other efforts to conserve the ocean and our beaches. Thirty-six of 90 active Surfrider Foundation campaigns are located in California alone.

The Foundation hopes dedicated members and other enthusiastic activists continue to spread conservation and awareness.

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Skye Rainey | 858Teen Editor

Skye Rainey

Name: Skyel Rainey, 858Teen Editor and Outside the Lens Youth Councilor

School:  Senior at Carlsbad High School

Dream:  I am constantly making new goals and challenges for myself, but my main goal is to use my artwork to make an impact on the world.  Next year I will be attending UCSC studding photography, and after that I hope to get a job as a staff photographer for a prestigious magazine.

Favorites:  I love going to concerts, although I wish that I were musically talented myself: I am currently struggling to learn how to play the guitar.

Interests:  My life is honestly dominated by art music and literature.  I spend the majority of my free time sketching writing and taking photographs.


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