The Torrey Pines State Beach Experience

From beautifully landscaped canyons, to panoramic ocean views, Torrey Pines State Beach and Park has it all.  Please continue reading below…

The Beach runs between Carmel Valley Road and Torrey Pines Scenic Drive (where the Gliderport is located).  Normal beach activities such as swimming, surfing and fishing are popular, however because of its location, many visitor choose to visit the State Park for additional activities.  For example, two challenging trails are at your disposal, and are literally walking distance from the beach.  The gorgeous bluffs south of Carmel Valley Road, coupled with a shore covered with soft sand (hardly any rocks!), make it an irresistible place to take a walk.

Over 1,750 arces make up this breath-taking reserve.  Named after the rare and indigenous Torrey Pine tree, the State Park provides outdoor adventure, fun and memorable views.  From Los Penasquito Lagoon to La Jolla Shores, you will be able to see much of the beautiful coast San Diego is known for.

The world-renowned Torrey Pines Golf Course, is also nearby and can provide additional fun and entertainment.  If you prefer to just kick back and relax, dolphins and whales are said to swim by on a regular basis.  You will also see a lot of cyclists riding their bikes, due to the fact that the State Beach and Park provide beautiful views and pleasant paths for cyclist.


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