A Few Things to Be Thankful For

Everyone has a few things to be thankful for.  A few may not seem like a lot, but a few always makes a big difference.  Take for example: a few extra pennies to transform that 97 cents into a dollar; Or a few extra votes, to completely change the outcome on election day; how about a few extra minutes of sleep?  Any way that you add it up, a few always helps.  Especially in the beauty industry, where less is more.  Here is a list of a few, 3 to be exact, essential beauty ingredients, found in nature, that we should be thankful for.

1) Honey.  Honey is not only a beautiful thing because it is produced by furry, little insects, or because it sweetens our tea, but honey is essential in the beauty industry.  Whether you are using it as a base in a body scrub; as a less abrasive form of hair removing wax; or as a main ingredient found in Aveda’s magical mousse, “Phomollient,” which add tons of shine and volume.  Honey, overall tastes delicious and is multifaceted.  To pamper your skin during these cold, dry months, try this nourishing, honey facial mask recipe, found on Total Beauty.


  • 1 raw egg
  • 1 tablespoon honey

Mix together egg and honey.  Spread onto your face and neck and let sit for 15-20 minutes.  Rinse well with tepid (lukewarm) water.  The raw egg adds protein and moisture to your skin, while the honey is a natural exfoliant and antibacterial agent to help aid in the process of diminishing blemishes, to reveal, clearer, more radiant skin.  Note, omit raw egg if you have acne prone and/or oily skin and simply use honey with the above directions.

2) Aloe Vera.  Historically, this succulent’s usage can be traced back to about 6,000 years ago.  According to NCCAM, in early Egypt carved on pharaohs tombs was, “Plant Of Immortality,” because it was believed to have so many healing properties.  Present day, aloe vera still lives up to it’s reputation as a potent plant, with many uses.  During summer, aloe vera is as important as the beach itself, to help alleviate the consequences of playing in the sun all day.  However, aloe can be used in many more unconventional ways.  It is used as a drink to help aid in weight loss, digestion, and immune function.  Aloe vera can also be used as a means to tame unruly, frizzy hair. Typically, any hair care product that isn’t silicone based to add shine, will be aloe based to add shine.  Therefore, whether you are rubbing aloe through your locks, your skin or actually consuming it, the benefits prove that this is in fact, a wondrous plant.

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Tulasi Browning | Oil3) Jojoba Oil.  Jojoba Oil is the wax produced from the seed of the jojoba plant, grown primarily in Southern California and parts of Arizona.  Because of the consistency and moisturizing properties of jojoba oil, it mimics your skin’s own natural sebum.  Therefore, there are a plethora of uses for this beneficial oil.  Jojoba Oil can be used as a moisturizer for the face, body, and hair.  It can be used as a massage oil for the scalp or sore muscles.  Since it is noncomedogentic, it can essentially be used from head to toe.  A really great jojoba oil is, “Beautifying Oil,” made by Aveda.  It is jojoba oil based and also contains rosemary and bergamot, for a soothing aroma.  It can be found online at www.Aveda.com

Although life is complex, beauty doesn’t have to be and the simplest ingredients, given to us by nature provide us with the best results and yield the most amount of purposes.  Therefore, whether you are thankful for your new Prada handbag, or you are thankful for an 8 hours nights sleep, always be thankful for what you are given, and for what nature has given to us.
Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Community Contributor | Tulasi BrowningTulasi is a San Diego native.  She is a salon coordinator at Gila Rῡt Aveda Salon.  Tulasi has also put in 23 years of beach going experience up and down the California coast line.  Although loyal to her soil, she loves to venture and travel, exploring new cultures everywhere.  She’s a lover of the arts, as a true Taurus should be.  Dabbling in journalism, music, modeling, photography, doodling and conversation starting.  Give her a slice of pizza, or a passport stamp and you’ll win her over.


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