Toy King Detailing Puts the Shine Back in Your Ride!

 San Diego’s Premier mobile detailing company specializing in auto, marine, RV, aviation, and motorcycle cleaning and reconditioning services.  Licensed and Insured to protect your investment, Toy King Detailing goes above and beyond to exceed your expectations and brings the SHINE back to your ride!

“What makes auto detailing interesting to me as a profession is bringing the car back to life from what it could be to what it is now, making your car look showroom shine, bringing the paint back to original condition.

Toy King Detailing was founded as pretty much a hobby turning into a business.  Ever since I was a little kid I’ve always worked on cars, automobiles, everyone’s toys around the neighborhood.

We do from a simple wash down to a clay to remove any fallout to remove all fall-out. We’ll high speed polish and buff out any scratches, any kind of imperfections you have on your paint, and we can bring it back to showroom shine.  We can bring the interior back to original condition, recondition your seats, bring the oils back into it, clean your carpets out.

Our products are made for commercial use on high quality vehicles.  They’re not grimy.  They don’t attract dust.  These are all high-end products that actually bring essential oils back into the material.  A lot of the products you buy at the auto stores are not made for longevity.  They’re made so you have to keep reapplying and reapplying and reapplying.

We actually rejuvenate your material, bring it back to original luster and protection so you don’t have to keep reapplying these over-the-counter products.

Our name says it all.  At Toy King Detailing, we specialize in not only automobiles, but auto, marine, RV, aviation, and motor cycles all across the board.  We’ll clean anything.

My favorite part about being a detailer is most of our clients are repeat customers.  We either see them on a monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly schedule.  A lot of our current clients purchase our gift cards to give to friends or family which enables us to grow and constantly evolve in the detailing process.”

– Steven Martinez

Toy King Detailing’s mobile unit comes fully equipped with deionized water, electricity, power equipment, and all necessary tools and chemicals, to make sure your vehicle is taken care of  – the correct way!  Toy King Detailing is CAR NUTS, with over 10 years of experience, and the know-how to fix any problem areas on your vehicles.  We offer both residential and commercial wash programs, and are fully equipped to handle multiple cars and large vehicles.  Stay tuned for more upcoming videos from the team at Toy King Detailing!


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