Are you being “Trashed” by your Teenager ?

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Dr. Kanner | Sign on Teenager's RoomIf you are Parenting correctly, then this is likely your Present experience if you are living with a “normal” teenager. Whew! Now that you know it is “normal”, then “why” does  his happen?

Two basic reasons:

First, Immature Brain Development. Yes, it is true. A human brain is not fully developed until the ages of 25 to 30 years old. Therefore, by the laws of Science, your teen is NOT dealing with a full set of cards, therefore helping to explain some, if not most, of their poor decisions and illogical reasoning .

Second, and considering the mental side of things, your teenager is also trying to “separate” from you so they don’t end up living with you for the rest of their lives! Once again, this is healthy.

So, if you are being “trashed” or “minimised” in some way or form, smile and take a deep breath. This is normal physical and psychological development. You are a great parent. Now, all that remains is surviving the remainder of the Normal Adolescent Phase still in one piece. If you have a spouse or partner, form a united team where you parent together and also keep playing together when your teen is either “caving” in their room or at a friend’s house.

By the second year of College, Trade School, or working, your teen will mature into a young adult and all will even out. History does sometimes repeat itself especially when it comes to parenting and normal development .
Carmel Velley San Diego Community | Dr. Keith KannerDr. Keith Kanner is a Certified Child, Adolescent , Adult and Parent Life & Wellness Coach/Practitioner. In addition, he and his wife Amber presently parent 5 teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17. Dr. Kanner’s email is


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