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Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Cynthia Dial

Cynthia Dial, Resident & Travel Writer

No one likes change. If everyone liked change, would we need to vote for new ordinances or presidents?

For some, change is a bad thing because it introduces a new environment in an unknown territory while others may feel that change is good because it’s fresh and a way of moving forward.

Recently, Carmel Valley has been proposed a new change and that new change is known as One Paseo: a proposal to build a Main Street in the heart of the city featuring shops, restaurants, residential alternatives, and office employment.

“As a 13-year Carmel Valley resident, I’m very excited about the proposed One Paseo project, one that will give our community its heart,” said Cynthia Dial, a Carmel Valley local and travel journalist who supports the new change. “For my job I travel the world in search of its most special cities, towns and villages, which I share with readers. With no exception, the common denominator of each of these communities is its core, its downtown center, its village area.”

Even though some residents are opposed to One Paseo out of concern it may cause excessive traffic, Dial and many residents agree that Carmel Valley lacks a focal point or as she says, an “it” factor.

“I know change is difficult, with some residents resistant to any alteration of Carmel Valley. The Eifel Tower, World Trade Center, the Louvre’s glass pyramid and San Francisco’s pyramid all met with similar opposition. And soon after their construction, all were embraced, all were considered iconic,” expressed Dial.

Project developers have been listening to the voiced concerns of residents and have agreed that there’s no doubt traffic will be increased; however, they have described in detail their plans to alleviate traffic on the website for One Paseo.

Even though new things can be uncertain, one thing is certain, Carmel Valley will truly benefit from One Paseo.

“I believe now is the time for our community to take the necessary steps to make Carmel Valley as special as its residents deserve it to be,” said Dial.


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3 Responses to Travel Writer & Resident Endorses Project

  1. The writer cites some great architectural buildings and compares them to the bland, dense, 6 and 10 story buildings that will make up One Paseo. I don’t see any architectural interest in One Paseo, just residential blocks, office towers, and massive parking structures. On the other hand, if she’s suggesting that we could get something like the Louvre, with it’s huge courtyard, fantastic pyramid and beautiful 3 story architecture, well, I’m all for it!

    Hey, Kilroy! There’s something the community could support!

  2. For what it’s worth, Ms. Dial notes that “special cities, towns and villages” always have a core “village area”, and I agree. However, One Paseo gives us an urban mall, not a suburban village. Why do we have to support Kilroy’s version of our Main Street? Wouldn’t it be better if we all asked them to provide a smaller scale, more village-like project?

  3. We understand everyone has a right to their own opinion; however it is too bad that many of the people writing about One Paseo a “Main Street for Carmel Valley” in a negative way and using terms such as “monstrosity” are simply uninformed with how successful mixed-use development works. We might add that references to UTC are simply misleading. Consider the following:

    • Over half of square feet proposed at One Paseo is residential. UTC has zero residential. A Village environment needs integrated residential to make it vibrant.

    • UTC is auto-oriented, almost singularly focused on regional commercial uses.
    One Paseo is a pedestrian-oriented, multi-functional Community Village designed to smart growth principles.

    • The existing UTC plan provides for over 4.5 times the amount of retail commercial square feet compared to One Paseo.

    • The approved UTC expansion plan provides for over 8 times the amount of regional commercial space compared to One Paseo.

    • The Macy’s Department Store at UTC includes 155,000 square feet which is almost the total amount of commercial retail space proposed in One Paseo.

    Here are a few projects that provide a better comparison relative to building height, scale, density and uses:

     Pacific Station, Encinitas (3 story residential over retail)
     Santana Row, San Jose (traditional Main Street, 3 to 5 storyresidential over retail)
     Kierland Commons, Scottsdale Arizona
     Americana at Brand, Gendale (4 story residential over retail)
     The Domain, Austin Tx
     The Market Commons Clarendon, Virginia
     Stapleton, Denver (traditional Main Street)

    None of the above are identical to One Paseo, but each place has elements,which are appropriate comparisons to understand how One Paseo is an amazing opportunity for Carmel Valley to complete their community plan.

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