What are you GIVING for the Holidays?

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I love the Holiday Season.  Everyone is in a good mood, the kids are full of expectation and excitement, and families get together all over Carmel Valley to celebrate the essence of our society.

Usually, during visits to my pediatric office, there is lots of chatter about Santa, Christmas trees and gifts.  I’ve taken to ask the children, “What are you giving for the Holidays?”  Some kids will rattle off a list of items while other, who are truly listening, will be stumped and wonder whether the question was heard correctly.  After a smiling glance they “get it” and sheepishly retreat into silence.  Yet to my delight, an occasional kid will look at me and whisper: “It’s a surprise.”  How wonderful!

The Holiday Season is about giving.  In fact, life is about giving.  Giving of ourselves to the best of our abilities.

May your Holidays be filled of gifts of time, laughter and good wishes to all those close and far.



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Dr. Chrystal de Freitas




Founder of Healthy Chats, Dr. Chrystal de Freitas is a pediatrician, author and mother of three children who has a special interest in health education. She completed her pediatric training at the University of Washington, in Seattle, WA, and has been in private practice for 22 years. She practiced with North County Health Services in Encinitas, for 6 years. In 2004, Dr. de Freitas opened her solo private practice of pediatrics, Carmel Valley Pediatrics in San Diego, CA.


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