What Kind of Plumber Should I Call?

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Isela Espana | PlumbingWhen someone thinks of a plumber, they automatically link them to a leaky faucet or some kind of toilet problem.  In reality, there is certain qualifications a plumber needs to be able to complete some jobs that are out there.  Lets take a look at the different categories in plumbing.

The Service and Repair Plumber/ Residential Plumber:  This is the most common plumber.  This is the one you look for in the yellow pages or in review sites.  It’s the guy many companies send out to your home to fix a leaky faucet, clogged toilet, and most common repair problems.

Custom Home Plumber:  This is a person who is certified and trained to assist a homeowner or builder with the selection of custom or standard fixtures, install new bathrooms, water heating systems, whole-home piping, tub, sink and fixtures. They are knowledgable in starting a project from start to finish.

The Commercial Plumber:  This type of plumber also does service and repair as well as new plumbing.  This plumber however is equipped with tools capable of handling projects in a commercial atmosphere including restaurants, commercial buildings, and more.  They also offer maintenance programs for businesses to avoid costly repairs.

The Licensed Plumbing Contractor: This is the person you want to hire.  Regardless of the job you want completed, you want to make sure the person completing the job is a licensed plumber or is backed by a license.  You want to feel confidence and security when you invite someone to your home or business to get a job done.  You want to check them out with the California State Board and make sure to also run a check with the better business bureau.  You can never be to careful.


Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Luis Espana | Community PlumberLuis Espana is a current Carmel Valley resident and the proud business-owner of LGE Prime Plumbing.  Born and raised in San Diego, Luis knew early on he was going to be a plumber.  What he did not know was that his work was going to centered in one of the most community enriched areas in San Diego.  This was the only location that he would come to decide was the best place to live and work for his family. Luis comes to share his experiences and tips for the local San Diego Carmel Valley residents.  If you do happen to run into a problem,  LGE Prime Plumbing The Carmel Valley Plumber, is dedicated to providing plumbing, drain cleaning, install & repairs for all Carmel Valley Residents and San Diego County.


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