What Realtors Look for When Choosing a Home Lending Partner


Qualities in Choosing a Home Lending partner.

Hi there. Have you ever wondered how your Realtor chooses a Carmel Valley home lender that they work with? I’m here with Dena Leber today and I’m Julie Ozanich. Dena, tell us what are some top two qualities you look for when choosing a lending partner.

Dena: Well it’s really important that they have expertise. And I’m talking about detailed expertise. Transactions are complicated. Paperwork requirements these days are absolutely astronomical. So they have to absolutely have expertise in the field and secondly communication. They have to be on the phone with me. They have to be on the phone with the customer with the client, and they have to communicate along the way, every step of the way. Not just once in a while, almost every day in some cases. And Julie does both. She’s great.

Julie: Thank you Dena. So there’s a few ideas as to things to think about when you’re thinking about choosing a lender you’re gonna work with. Thanks. Hi there, I’m here at another Lifestyles Tours property today with Beatrice Algoto. Beatrice, tell us about a couple of the top features that you look for when you’re choosing a lending partner.

Beatrice: Most definitely trust and attention to detail. And that’s why I love working with you Julie.

Julie: Wonderful. Thank you for your trust so much. Anyway a few more things to think about when choosing your lender.

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