World-Renowned Jeweler Unveils Luxurious Collections

Rosaline Jewelry is a world-renowned jeweler and manufacturer of one-of-a-kind luxury jewelry and accessories.  One of the reasons that make the pieces so unique, is the 24kt. gold that is used over sterling, silver, and precious stones.

Rosaline Jewelry’s 2013 collections are original, fresh, inviting and aesthetically alluring – unify Eastern and Western motifs that make a truly luxurious statement.  Collectors from around the world have praised Rosaline Jewelry for its top quality materials and exquisite designs, including the unique Emperor Butterfly collection, one-of-a-kind Angel Eyes Silver collection, elegant Pearl Dragon collection, Angel Eyes Gold collection, Eves Garden collections, and many others.

Collections include  necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earring styles and are available for women and men.  Every item is carefully crafted with precious stones that embellish the highest grade of sterling silver and 24kt. gold over sterling.

The Emperor Butterfly Collection captures the rare beauty and royal luxury of the “Emperor” on jewelry –  a symbol of pure luxury.  The Angel Eyes Silver Collection is inspired by the love of life, with a combination of sterling silver with turquoise and white jade.  The Pearl Dragon Collection contrasts gold and silver movements with a pearl.  And the Eve’s Garden Collection represents the greenery in nature and symbolizes the future.

Behind every exquisite piece designed by Rosaline Jewelry, is a rich history of design, fused with an admiration of modern forms.  Introduced at a young age to jewelry design and manufacturing in China,  Roz H. Liang, the creator of Rosaline Jewelry, draws inspiration on a heritage that combines the artful simplicity of traditional Chinese motifs, with an innate love of cutting-edge modern design.  The result is a stunning jewelry range that is fresh, contemporary and timeless.

For unique holiday gift that will make her heart beat faster, please shop the full 2013 luxury jewelry collection online today!


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