World Tae Kwon Do Academy to Host Summer Camp

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | World Tae Kwon Do Academy | Torrey Hills CenterEach year Master TJ Kim, owner and founder of World Tae Kwon Do Academy in the Torrey Hills Shopping Center, works to improve his studio and classes.  He pushes himself and his students further with new techniques and training methods he learns at regional and national Tae Kwon Do conferences.  He is also very involved in the Tae Kwon Do community of Southern California and learns from his fellow masters by how they teach their students in their own ways.  Master Kim is always learning how to be a better teacher, which makes the studio a dynamic place for students to learn and enjoy.  In addition to learning new techniques and skills, Master Kim has added monthly events at his Carmel Valley studio to include Movie Nights and Holiday Parties so the students and families can get to know one another.  The World TKD Academy in Carmel Valley, prides itself on not only being a safe place for students to learn technique and discipline, but also a comfortable environment where students can be who they are and shine.

This summer, World Tae Kwon Do Academy is proud to announce its first Summer Camp.  Master Kim has been working hard with his team of instructors and staff to put together a new program. This camp will be offered in three one-week sessions on July 8, July 22, and August 5.  The camp will be open to new and existing students, so it is a great opportunity for families who have considered enrolling their children into Tae Kwon Do, to sign up and check it out.  It is also a great way for current students to keep working on their skills so they can earn extra stripes and progress onto their next belt level.  Each belt requires the students to learn and demonstrate 5 specific skills; kicking, blocking, Poomsae (or form), breaking, and a hand technique.  In addition, there is a 6th stripe for spirit or attitude.  Part of the Tae Kwon Do philosophy is that it encompasses the mind, body, and spirit.  Master Kim encourages that through a positive attitude – something that must be demonstrated before a student can continue on.

During the World Tae Kwon Do Academy Summer Camp, students will enjoy sessions of Tae Kwon Do, dance, games, cooking, self-defense, and age appropriate movies.  The camp will take place at the Carmel Valley location &  run Monday – Friday from 10 am to 3 pm.  The cost of the camp is $279 per session.  Regular classes will continue in the afternoons during the summer so that students can take advantage of World Tae Kwon Do Academy’s classes and summer camps.  Master Kim is looking forward to this summer and World Tae Kwon Do Academy’s ever expanding programs.  Please feel free to stop by the studio, call Master Kim, or check out World Tae Kwon Do Academy’s website for more information.

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