Hopeful Start-up to Bring New Bike to Market

 Zuki Bikes, a small start-up is pleased to announce the launch of  a crowd-funding event that offers customers the opportunity to pre-order our unique and innovative children’s learning bike at a 25% discount and free shipping within continental U.S. on Indegogo.com.  The Zuki Balance Bike has no-pedals and no-training wheels but helps kids learn to ride the bike in as short a time as few hours or half a day.  This fundraising event will help Zuki Bikes to raise the seed money needed in order to make and bring this wonderful bike to market.  The expected delivery time is in late fall or early winter – just in time for the Christmas holiday season!

Carmel Valley San Diego Community | Leah Kahsai  Zuki BikeAbout Zuki Balance Bike, the Zuki Balance Bike is distinguished from the other balance bikes on the market in that our bike combines three essential features that are not currently found on any one balance bike on the market.  Zuki is light weight (approximately 7lbs,) has footrest, and a handbrake.  Its light weight makes it easy for children to maneuver during the learning process while the footrest gives their feet a place to rest with the security of a brake at their hand’s reach. Our bike is intended for kids between the age of two and six-years-old.  The handlebar and seat are adjustable to accommodate the age and size of the child.

Learning to ride the bike with the Zuki Bike:  With the Zuki Balance Bike, kids can learn to ride the bike in a short a time as few hours or half a day.  All you need to follow these simple steps:  place the bike on a flat surface, position the child on the bike’s seat, hands firm on the handlebars and feet on the floor.   Once in position, have the child propel the bike by walking the bike, and once the child has propelled the bike to a comfortable speed, they can lift their feet up.  As soon as they are comfortable propelling and lifting up their feet for a certain duration, they can then place their feet on the foot rest and continue to ride in that position.  Repeat this process until they can balance and ride with confidence and comfort for a longer duration of time.  Of course, they can stop the bike by simply putting their feet down.  If the child is too nervous to do so, there is always the brake at the reach of their hands.

For further information, please contact:

Leah Kahsai Tel: 858-405-962

At Crowd-funding website search “Teach Your Kids” look for a green children’s bike.


Carmel Valley San Diego Community | RIDE Cyclery Encinitas

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