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The Parent Connection (formerly Las Madres) is a non-profit parenting support network of more than 3,500 San Diego families. Our diverse membership includes parents in their 20s, 30s and 40s, both married and single. Since 1980, Scripps and The Parent Connection have brought together San Diego families for fun, education and support.

Learning from each other as parents and helping each other as friends, Parent Connection members share experiences and information, enjoy social activities and build lasting relationships. Our membership encompasses both first-time and seasoned parents. All San Diego County families are invited to join as we help you face the wonderful challenges of parenting.

Originally we managed our organization through the mailing of our monthly newsletters and we communicated with our members and playgroups organizers and handled event registrations through telephone calls and mail. We realized we needed to make things easier for our busy parents who want to look up information online and send off a quick email. Over the past few years we set up an email forum for questions, answers and announcements, an online calendar, and various other web features, but it still wasn’t exactly what we wanted. Until we found, part of the group of websites. It’s the complete package of information, resources, parent to parent communication, and fun.

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Renee Zau | Community Contributor | The Carmel Valley Life

Renee Zau | Carmel Valley Resident

Renee Zau is a longtime Carmel Valley resident with her partner Darryl and their combined 3 children who attend Sycamore Ridge Elementary and Torrey Pines High School. Her life revolves around kids’ activities, getting fresh air and sun, running several businesses, chairing the Parent Connection, and launching DonationMatch – her startup with Darryl that provides web-based handling of charitable in-kind (non-cash) donation requests and event prize procurement to save both businesses and nonprofits time. For TheCarmelValleyLife, Renee shares the Parent Connection’s features and local community events, such as playgroup options, swap meets, and parent programs, with fellow families of Carmel Valley. In addition, Renee is spearheading development of the website’s “GIVE” section and resources.

Key Resources Include:

  1. Carmel Valley PlayGroups: The Parent Connection brings San Diego families together to provide support, share experiences, enjoy social activities and build lasting relationships.
  2. Carmel Valley Swap Meets: offer great deals on maternity clothes, children’s outfits, books, furniture, toys, strollers and more. Proceeds help buy equipment and supplies for Scripps hospitals and enable the organization to expand programs.
  3. Carmel Valley Parent & Children Programs: The Parent Connection offers a wide variety of childcare classes, family education and support programs.  Medical experts, marriage and family professionals and many other parenting related experts help guide our members through the challenges of parenting from potty training to puberty.

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